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22 MAR 2012 – Logo and product names updated


You will discover that we changed our logo on Flabell and Themesbell, as well as the name of some of our products.
We have been in contact with Adobe, and we were asked to do these changes, according to trademarks Adobe owns.
Sorry for any inconvenience. We will roll out the new redesign of the marketplace in the following months.

The Team 

10 JAN 2012 – New Design, Product Roadmap and More

It’s been three years since we launched Flabell, and the website grew with us. With almost 120.000 users, we felt it’s time to make the next step. This involves both a redesign and a rebranding.

Below is a short summary of what we’ve been up to. Also, we have a little surprise – a new marketplace, which we’ll announce soon! 🙂

02 NOV 2011 – Flabell Redesign


We want to determine if we’re on the right path with the redesign, so we would appreciate if you take a moment to provide feedback.
Many thanks,

The Team! 

06 SEP 2011 – Flash is changing. Flabell is changing as well.

Flash used to be the tool everybody picked up to create their websites. It was amazing and had everything we missed, but most of all, it helped producers to deliver an exciting experience to users and customers alike. It was the peaceful solution to the browsers war. One could use it to display the same fonts, animations or interactivity, no matter the operating system or browser that was used to navigate.

In the past 5 years, not only hardware, but also software has evolved in ways that blows our minds. With this evolution, browsers have improved dramatically, and many of the things Flash only was able to do, can now be done without Flash.

For this reason, on Flabell we are refocusing our attention to products that can only be implemented in Flash, and products that are very difficult, time consuming or expensive to implement using any other tool. We’ll still build components such as galleries and what not, but using alternative, open-source languages – let’s call this HTML5 (although it’s somewhat incorect). We’ll publish these products on Flabell’s sister website, Themesbell.

With this news, it’s understandable that we’re going through a total restructuring and redesign of the marketplaces, in the following weeks. And we give you this news today, exactly 2 and a half years since we launched Flabell. We’re thinking about where Flash is and where it’s going to be in the next years, and what’s the best way we can serve you, our customers. Stay tuned for some awesomeness! 🙂

We heart you,

The Flabell Team

13 JUL 2011 – New Flash Component: Restaurant Template

This week we released a new template, which we think you’ll enjoy very much! It’s a template which allows you to showcase your menu with beautiful images, describe it through text, as well as present the future events and integrate with your Facebook users (optional), all in the same interface.

The template is highly customizable, allowing you to add as many galleries or text sections as you like. If you’d like to check it out, go to this page.